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By on 28 Sep 2023

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In this episode of PING, APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Huston discusses the technique APNIC Labs uses to measure end user behaviour in the global Internet. This is probably the only worldwide web advert based measurement system, in continuous use since 2010.

Originally written in Adobe Flash, the system is now coded in Javascript and HTML5, and continuously samples as many as 25 million users per day, across mobile devices (Android, iPhone), desktop PCs, and Chromebook.

The system was first designed to inform the community on the rate of IPv6 deployment. The APNIC Labs measurements also include IPv6, RTT, HTTP/3 (QUIC) adoption, DNSSEC, use of public DNS resolvers, IPv6 EH support, and RPKI validation.

Data is available at a per-economy, and per-AS (origin-AS) level, both as a web view and as JSON downloads. No end-user identifying material is held, or distributed in any way. The measurement program is generously supported by Google, ICANN and APNIC.

Read more about some recent research outcomes from the labs advert on the APNIC Blog:

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