Di Ma

Dr Di Ma is now the Principal Research Fellow of ZDNS and Guest Research Fellow of Computer Network Information Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been active in the RPKI and routing security for years. He is one of the co-authors of IETF RFC 8211 (RPKI Threat Model), RFC 8416 (RPKI Local Control) and RFC 8897 (RPKI Relying Party Requirements). He is also the administrator of RPSTIR, an open source RPKI Relying Party software. Dr Di Ma has been the member of ICANN RSSAC Caucus since 2015 February.

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RPKIVIZ: Visualizing the RPKI

By on 23 Apr 2020

Guest Post: Visualizing the RPKI is a first step to help people to detect and diagnose misconfigurations with their RPKI deployment.