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Podcast: CCWG -Accountability release 3rd draft proposal

By on 10 Dec 2015

In this podcast I talk with León Felipe Sánchez, Chair of CCWG-Accountability, Izumi Okutani, Policy Liaison of JPNIC and one of the members of the CCWG-Accountability, and Paul Wilson, about the main changes between the second and third draft and what it means for the numbers community.

Podcast: Enhancing ICANN Accountability

By on 31 Jul 2015

The Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability will shortly release its proposal for public comment. I talk with Izumi Okutani, one of the members of the CCWG-Accountability, about what it means for numbers folk.

Cyber security never stops!

By on 23 Jul 2015

The last two months has been quite hectic for us at APNIC in terms of participating and supporting cyber security events in the region (and beyond).