Clarence Filsfils

Clarence Filsfils is a Cisco Systems Fellow, with 25-year experience leading innovation, productization, marketing and deployment for Cisco Systems. He invented the Segment Routing Technology and is leading its productization, marketing and deployment. Previously, he invented and led the Fast Routing Convergence Technology and was the lead designer for Cisco System's QoS deployments. Clarence is a regular speaker at leading industry conferences. He holds over 130 patents and is a prolific writer, either in academic circle, or standardization or books.

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SRv6: Deployed use-cases

By on 8 May 2020

Guest Post: As of 2019, Segment Routing over IPv6 data plane (SRv6) has been deployed in eight large-scale networks; supported more than 25 hardware implementations at line rate; and implemented in 11 open-source platforms/applications.