Hinne Hettema

Hinne Hettema is the tactical security operations leader and security architect at Ports of Auckland in New Zealand. His strengths are in SOC enablement, intelligence and incident response, as well as intelligence driven security operations and security architecture. In a previous role, he led the security operations at the University of Auckland and has also worked as security architect for various outsourcers. He has experience working in security operations in both IT and OT environments, setting and driving strategy and incident response. He studied Theoretical Chemistry (PhD 1993) and Philosophy (PhD 2012). As a theoretical chemist, he played with the supercomputers of the time, and is one of the authors of the Dalton quantum chemistry package. He is the vice chair of NZITF, a liaison member and trainer for, and an adjunct senior fellow at The University of Queensland. He also maintains a security blog on his LinkedIn page.

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