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The Root of the DNS

By on 15 Feb 2017

Geoff discusses how the DNS and root servers function and provides some suggestions for the infrastructure to continue to be robust, scalable and accurate..

Let’s Encrypt with DANE

By on 6 Jan 2017

Domain Name certificates used to be expensive. In this post, I’ll walk through the process of setting up good, inexpensive and accessible DNS security using several public tools.


By on 6 Oct 2016

Two years ago I reported on the use of the elliptical curve cryptographic algorithm in generating digital signatures for DNSSEC. Let’s see what’s changed over the past 24 months.

Aggressive use of NSEC

By on 9 Aug 2016

Guest Post: Google’s Warren Kumari discusses the benefits of Next Secure (NSEC) and why it needs to be used in a more aggressive manner.