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By on 12 Sep 2023

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The APNIC Foundation has announced the recipients of the 2023 round of grants from the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia).

The 24 grants — valued at a combined USD 2,284,109 — will fund projects in 17 economies, including Palau for the first time. A total of 32 out of the 56 economies in the APNIC region have received ISIF Asia grants since they began in 2008.

The grants cover the three key program areas of the APNIC Foundation: Infrastructure, Inclusion and Knowledge, and are aimed at a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community.

The nine Infrastructure grants include five IPv6 Deployment grants. The IPv6 deployment grants include projects supporting IPv6 enablement on National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), virtual labs, automation projects, and even an initiative that is building links between supercomputers.

Other Infrastructure projects include connectivity initiatives, measures to improve disaster resilience using hybrid green power support, and a project that is crowdsourcing data to check Internet speeds against the figures reported by telecommunications companies.

The seven Inclusion grants include connectivity and education initiatives for underserved rural areas, particularly in areas around hospitals. Other projects focus on improving access to government support for people with disabilities, as well as fostering e-commerce opportunities for women with disabilities. One initiative will improve conditions in Rohingya refugee camps via solar-powered connectivity.

The eight Knowledge initiatives cover numerous projects and include two Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment, both of which focus on tackling the increasing prevalence of fires in the Asia Pacific in different ways. Other knowledge projects tackle Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing and anomalies. There is also a project which looks at implementing Multipath Transmission Control Protocol in FreeBSD.

See the APNIC Foundation site for the full list of projects.

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