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By on 5 Jan 2023

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Part of the ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting the most popular posts from the past 12 months.

‘How to’ posts are a great way to learn how to use a new tool, troubleshoot problems, or perform advanced tasks. ‘How to’ posts on the APNIC Blog can further your understanding at your own pace, and even put you directly in touch with the author, should you need more information.

Below are the top three ‘how to’ posts of 2022:

  1. How to properly interpret a traceroute or MTR — Phil Lavin showed us how to use MTR as a useful tool for diagnosing packet loss.
  2. How to detect and prevent common data exfiltration attacks — Debashis Pal shared best practices for detecting and preventing data exfiltration attacks.
  3. Running Docker / Alpine Linux in an IPv6-only environment — By default, the Docker server configures container networks for IPv4-only. Yoshinori Takesako taught us how to run it in IPv6.

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