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By on 6 Jan 2023

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The final part of APNIC Blog’s 2022 ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting the most popular posts from the past 12 months.

Network security is still the main challenge for APNIC Members, as per the 2022 APNIC Survey, with DDoS attacks, phishing, spam, ransomware and malware the network security issues organizations are facing.

Below are the top three posts related to security for 2022:

  1. A new DDoS attack vector: TCP Middlebox Reflection — Debashis Pal taught us how TCP Middlebox Reflection attacks work and shared the best current practices for defending against it.
  2. Is zero trust living up to expectations?  Bruce Davie suggested that the easiest way to conceptualize zero trust is by considering what it is not.
  3. Log4Shell through the scope of a reactive network telescope  Raphael Hiesgen shared key findings from a study on the Log4jShell incident.

Brush up on Security on the APNIC Blog or discuss it on Orbit.

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