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By on 8 Jan 2024

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Network security is still the main challenge for APNIC Members, as per the 2023 APNIC Survey, with DDoS attacks, phishing, spam, ransomware and malware the network security issues organizations are facing.

Below are the top three posts related to security for 2023:

  1. BGP route leak prevention and detection with the help of RFC 9234Eugene Bogomazov explained how route leak problems change with RFC 9234 adoption.
  2. Open Resolvers: Understanding security risks and best practices — Swapneel Patnekar walked us through managing the security risks of open resolvers with best current practices.
  3. DNS response manipulation in the wild — Yevheniya Nosyk investigated the lessons learned from measuring route leak propagation with RIPE Atlas.

Brush up on Security on the APNIC Blog or discuss it on Orbit.

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