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By on 5 Jan 2024

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‘How to’ posts are a great way to learn how to use a new tool, troubleshoot problems, or perform advanced tasks. ‘How to’ posts on the APNIC Blog can further your understanding at your own pace, and even put you directly in touch with the author, should you need more information.

Below are the top three ‘how to’ posts of 2023:

  1. Accessing IPv6-only resources via legacy IP: NAT46 on a FortiGateJohannes Weber showed us how to have IPv4-only clients reach IPv6-only servers.
  2. Automation tools: Paramiko, Netmiko, NAPALM, Ansible, Nornir or …? — Kevin Jin walked us through how different network automations work, their differences, and which one to choose.
  3. Transiting UAVs in aerial mesh networks —  Wanqing Tu showed us how to maintain continuous network connectivity during movement.

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