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By on 26 Dec 2023

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The Internet technical community of the Asia Pacific (and further afield) continued to make an incredible contribution to the APNIC Blog in 2023, with more than 100 individual guest bloggers contributing 187 posts!

Below are three of the most popular guest posts in 2023:

  1. Jan Schaumann’s centrality series — A special mention has to be given to Jan’s measurement series throughout the year. He took very deep dives into authoritative NS records in gTLDs, gTLD MX records, Certification Authority Authorization, centralization in naked domains, and HTTPS resource records.
  2. Unpopular opinion: BGP should accept smaller than a /24Justin Wilson made the argument that there is no technical reason why the norm to participate in BGP should be a block of a /24 (256 IPs) or more.
  3. Sizing router buffers — small is the new big…Sharada Yeluri explored the highly debated issue of ‘properly’ sizing router buffers and the history and evolution of packet buffering in high-end routers.

Do you, or does someone you know, want to contribute to the APNIC Blog? If so, please get in touch.

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