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By on 4 Jan 2024

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Here’s a rundown on the state of PING at the end of the year.

Across 2023 we have had over 23,000 listeners in over 190 economies. Most came from the South Asian community (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) followed by the USA, Indonesia, Australia, and Germany. Most listeners were on mobile devices (80%).

PING, therefore, has a diverse audience across the timezones, and podcasting makes for a perfect fit in everyone’s local time. We’re federated in Apple, Google, Spotify and IHeart radio.

We published 24 episodes in the year, 12 of them featuring 14 guests, alongside 12 episodes in Geoff Huston’s regular APNIC Labs spot.

Here are my favourites from 2023. They cover a range of topics in the broader measurement area and also some APNIC history across the 30 years.

  1. 30 Years of APNIC (a panel session at the APNIC 56 meeting in Kyoto) from October.
  2. Christian Huitema’s look into the rate of IETF standards production from June.
  3. Duane Wessels’ look back at notable DNS root zone changes from May.

Expore more PING podcasts and stay tuned for more episodes in the new year.

If you’re interested in sharing your insights or research, please get in touch — we’re always looking for great stories from the community. And please do let us know what you think of the podcast as well as the APNIC Blog so we can keep improving.

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