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By on 22 Apr 2021

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DASH (Dashboard for Autonomous System Health), an APNIC security tool, has been improved to make it easier for users to get detailed information on suspicious traffic going out of their network.

Users can now receive recurring reports of their network’s top offending IP addresses in addition to accessing other features, including:

  • Downloading a report summarizing the situation in your network
  • Requesting additional insights from the APNIC security team about the suspicious activities detected

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Why use DASH?

DASH lets you rapidly track suspicious traffic seen coming from your network by analysing data from an existing network of honeypots around the Asia Pacific.

Network operators can then determine how serious a problem is by considering how their Autonomous System (AS) looks compared to the broader economy or region, and whether the situation is getting better or worse.

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Using these features provides operators with tangible steps to remediate malware or other issues, and helps make their network healthier.

DASH is available to APNIC Members that hold at least one AS number in the Asia Pacific region. It is a collaboration between the APNIC Security team and CERT/CSIRTs operating honeynet sites.

Explore these features in DASH now and watch this webinar to learn more about DASH:

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