RPKI services now available to APNIC historical resource holders

By on 26 Mar 2021

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APNIC Historical Maintenance Non-Member accounts now have full access to RPKI services, following Executive Council (EC) decisions announced during APNIC 51.

At the APNIC EC meeting held on 22 February, the EC also decided that historical resource holders in the APNIC region would need to become Members or Non-Members by 1 January 2023 in order to receive registration services. While regular annual fees will be payable, historical resources will NOT be considered in the calculation of those fees.

Improving routing security is critical to the health and stability of the Internet globally and APNIC is committed to supporting RPKI adoption in the region. These EC decisions provide holders of historical address space with access to RPKI services while minimizing their ongoing costs.

All APNIC account holders with historical resources can now access RPKI services via MyAPNIC. More information is available on how to create ROAs and sign resources.

Those who do not have an account with APNIC can access RPKI services immediately after establishing an APNIC Member or Historical Maintenance Non-Member account.

Historical resources are IPv4 addresses and AS numbers that were delegated before APNIC existed or had management authority for them. The APNIC Whois Database contains these historical Internet resources, including many which were previously managed by AUNIC, NZNIC, DDN-NIC, SRI-NIC, and InterNIC; or by the APNIC pilot project, before the introduction of a membership structure.

If you are a holder of historical resources and have questions about RPKI or APNIC membership, please contact APNIC Helpdesk staff who will be happy to assist.

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