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By on 1 Jun 2023

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APNIC is always looking to maintain the highest possible level of availability of its online services to Members and the community.

Last year, APNIC began assessing the technical and process improvements required to increase availability of its critical services to a high level, beyond 99.99%.  Significant financial and resource investments in people and infrastructure would need to be made to achieve this.

The opinions of APNIC Members and the community on this work are essential. Your input will help APNIC determine the scope, feasibility and appetite for further investments in critical service availability.

As part of the consultation process, APNIC has developed a short online consultation form that you can access via the button below.

APNIC appreciates any feedback you can provide. We also encourage you discuss this with colleagues in your organization to capture their thoughts (or have them complete this form as well). The form will remain open for feedback until Wednesday, 21 June at 17:30 (UTC +10).

In addition, APNIC is conducting interviews with Members and other stakeholders as part of the process, with the results of the community consultation to be shared publicly in the coming months.

Please participate if you can – we value your thoughts!

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