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By on 5 Aug 2019

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The APNIC Training delivery team had a busy first six months of 2019.

The team delivered 25 training events to 693 attendees, with seven of the 25 events focused on IPv6 (training a total of 169 attendees).

Training was delivered at seven NOGs — bdNOG, btNOG, NZNOG, PacNOG, PhNOG, SANOG and ThaiNOG. Training was also delivered at the APRICOT and APAN events in Korea and the MMIX and BKNIX Peering forums.

APNIC thanks the following member organizations who have hosted training events so far this year:

  • University of the Philippines
  • NeocomISP, Cambodia
  • Malaysia Internet Exchange
  • Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Vanuatu
  • ISOC Kolkata, India
  • CNISP, China

APNIC also partnered with the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) and the Lao National Internet Centre (LANIC) to deliver training to both APNIC’s and their Members.

Eight workshops were delivered with the assistance of Community Trainers from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Tonga. The Community Trainer program is growing, and APNIC looks forward to being able to deliver more training with their assistance.

You can view the schedule of events and register for training events here.

If you would like to receive announcements regarding upcoming training, you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Visit the APNIC Academy for online, self-paced courses.

The APNIC Training delivery team is looking forward to an even busier second half of 2019 and hopes to see you at a workshop!

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