Event Wrap: Peering Asia 1.0, Japan

By on 7 Nov 2017

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Kams Sze Yeung and Robin Kong presenting on the 'Hong Kong peering scene and network infrastructure'.

APNIC participated at and supported the inaugural Peering Asia 1.0, held from 1 to 2 November in Kyoto, Japan.

Established to promote peering and interconnection among Internet networks in the Asia Pacific region and provide a space to negotiate peering arrangements, Peering Asia 1.0 welcomed around 250 participants from the region to discuss and share knowledge and experience on cable capacity, data centres, and Internet exchanges.

The agenda included presentations on ‘Peering DB update’ by DE-CIX’s Arnold Nipper, ‘Philippine Internet Landscape’ by Globe Telecom’s Achie Atienza, and ‘Aug 25th route leak and its impact on Japanese Internet’ by IIJ’s Matsuzaki Yoshinobu.

APNIC activities

  • APNIC Executive Council Member Kams Sze Yeung joined Robin Kong to present on the ‘Hong Kong peering scene and network infrastructure’.
  • Che-Hoo Cheng met with APNIC Members to discuss their IP address needs and future opportunities for training, event sponsorship and collaboration on peering and IXP establishment.
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