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By on 8 Mar 2016

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Last week, we at TashiCell, Bhutan’s first and only private licensed Telecommunications Operator, successfully installed and switched on a RIPE Atlas Anchor.

Atlas Anchors actively measure Internet infrastructure globally, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time.

We’re excited about the information that this Anchor will be able to provide and also to be part of the community that has been contributing towards the collection of Internet performance data for gaining insight into end user experiences.

One area we are hoping to gain a better insight into is latency. In the past, our response to customer complaints on high latency has always been reactive since we do not have near real-time information about how the network or even services are behaving in different geographies around the world. With the deployment of the Anchor, we should be able to pinpoint the problem and troubleshoot the network. We will also be able to more effectively optimize our routing policies as we will have access to information gathered from probes or anchors located around the world.

Another benefit that the Atlas will provide is data, which we will use to enforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We’ve had very limited information for enforcing SLAs provided by transit providers in terms of latency or routing issues to or from different locations around the world. Using the tools and information provided by Atlas probes and anchors, we should have better information on the quality of service provided and hence, enforce SLAs.

Overall, we are happy to be part of the community that is helping in identifying issues and proposing solutions that lead to better Internet access and experience for all.

Ganga R Dhungyel is General Manager of TashiCell’s Core Network and Carrier Services

APNIC-supported Atlas Anchors are now deployed in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives , Nepal , Pakistan , Philippines , Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

You can access the anchoring measurements for all anchors at:

Learn more about RIPE Atlas anchors.

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