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By on 17 Jun 2015

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A short time ago I blogged about successful RIPE Atlas Anchors deployments in Sri Lanka, Singapore, India and Nepal.

I am happy to report that recently two more economies have joined this list: Philippines and Pakistan.

The goal of RIPE Atlas Anchors is to actively measure Internet infrastructure globally, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time.

ASTI staff with their Atlas ProbesAtlas project employs a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, and users can define their own measurements to the destination of their choice.

The large amount of data they collect is made available to everyone.

But what do hosts think of this?

In the Philippines, the RIPE Atlas Anchor is hosted by ASTI in Quezon City and sponsored by APNIC.

“ASTI hosted an Atlas Anchor in order to be of service to the global internet community in hosting critical internet resources, as well as hosting internet measurements tools to assess the health of the network that we all benefit from.”

“It will aid local internet researchers in getting a snapshot of the performance of our local internet, so that they can make recommendations for infrastructure improvements that is based on quantitative evidence.”

In Pakistan, the Anchor is hosted by COMSATS in Islamabad, and also sponsored by APNIC.

Me with COMSATS CEO, Amir Malik, and ISOC Chapter Manager, Naveed Haq“CIS was the pioneer Internet Service provider in Pakistan, and continuing with this legacy, we are the first to initiate the installation of the RIPE Atlas Anchor with the outstanding support of APNIC. This will help in enhancing our integration and system to guarantee that our clients in Pakistan get the best internet experience. We will now have comprehensive and accurate information about the internet, and can investigate network glitches in real time at the anchor, understand the precise issue, and resolve it immediately.”


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  1. Muhammad Yousaf

    Great contribution. Thank you Sunny for your efforts in the region for having a more healthy, stable and secure Internet.

    1. Sunny

      Thanks for your comment Muhammad. We do our best to improve the state of the Internet infrastructure in our region.

      Appreciate your time for keeping up with our blog posts.


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