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By on 13 Jul 2015

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Last week, Dean Pemberton shared an interactive map of the Internet in the APNIC region, which became a very popular post.

Today, at PACNOG17 in Apia, Samoa, Dean presented his Asia Pacific map and some new maps of other regions which he’s been working on using the same methodology.

Apart from being pretty, Dean says the maps can play an important role in validating information and identifying new information.

“The maps can help validate what we currently know, such as proximity of networks and economies,” says Dean.

“Once we’ve learnt how to read a map and validate the things we already know, we can use it to find similar but previously unknown structures.”

Check out the new maps below.

RIPE NCC region

Mapping The Internet RIPE_NCC


AfriNIC region

Mapping The Internet AfriNIC

ARIN region

Mapping The Internet ARIN

LACNIC region

Mapping The Internet_LACNIC

And in case you missed it, the APNIC region.

APNIC region

AP Network map blog

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  1. Gregorio Manzano

    Hello Robbie! really was a fantastic experience to navigate and go deep into these Dean´s LACNIC and the other fantastic maps! Congratulations to Dean for his big effort and important contribution! I also love and enjoyed doing dozens of network topologies and maps of some venezuelan ISPs and their international connections.

    Hope to see more Dean´s future drawings! Saludos!
    greg 😎

    1. Robbie Mitchell Post author

      Gracias for the thoughtful feedback Greg.
      Yes, we too at APNIC have loved the maps and visualisations that Dean has created and shared with us for Asia Pacific and other regions.
      Like you, we hope to see more of his work soon as it has generated a lot of great feedback in the community.

  2. Greg Manzano

    Hi Robbie.

    Just a fantastic Dean´s work!

    Nice to meet you and hope to hear good news like this from Dean and you soon! 🙂 Muchas gracias!

    gr 😎


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