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By on 25 Dec 2014

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Part of our ‘three of the best’ series, highlighting our most popular posts from 2014 on themes important to our community.


Network Security continues to be a hot topic to network operators around the region and this has been reflected by our well-read security posts on the blog.

The top three posts on the blog in the security area are:

  1. Android Malware and Incident Response: Adli Wahid revisits how to deal with a “phishy” looking text.
  2. SAVE us from DDoS: George Michaelson comments on Paul Vixie’s presentation at APNIC 38 on Source Address Validation Everywhere (SAVE) as an approach to mitigating bad traffic issues.
  3. What the Shell: Adli comments on the critical vulnerability from earlier in the year that had the potential to affect many systems with Bash installed.

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  1. Trapti

    I would like to read all the three sections under the network security topic. As I always eager to learn and read about the things related to network security and computer science.


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