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By on 3 Jan 2024

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Securing routing through adopting Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is now an essential practice in the modern Internet, and while there were many significant events in the region throughout 2023, readers maintained an interest in local, regional, and global RPKI stories throughout the year.

Below are the top three posts on RPKI in 2023.

  1. Building a more secure routing system: Verisign’s path to RPKI — Mike Hollyman shared lessons learned from the perspective of a critical Internet infrastructure operator.
  2. Using timestamps inside RPKI objects to optimize RRDP-RSYNC transport switchovers — Job Snijders delivered a ‘trick’ to help reduce bandwidth and CPU cycles for both RPKI Publication Point servers and RPKI validators when switching between RRDP and RSYNC transports.
  3. How DigitalOcean became MANRS compliantTim Raphael shared how DigitalOcean interpreted and implemented the MANRS guidelines.

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