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By on 13 Oct 2022

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In this latest episode of PING, APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, warns the service provider industry about pressuring regulators to make content providers’ pay to use their networks; a situation currently playing out in Korea that we discussed in Episode 13: Korea vs Content Provider: When the customer isn’t always right

As he outlines in his recent post, Geoff forecasts the consequences of turning our backs on net neutrality. It could jeopardize service providers’ current hold on the provision market and Internet users’ access to sites like Netflix and YouTube, increase the centrality of the Internet, and in some cases, compromise the security of particular communication infrastructure in certain economies.

Read more about net neutrality and centralization on the Internet on the APNIC Blog:

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  1. Tommy Smith

    Something’s went wrong with sound mixing on this episode. I can only hear the robotic voice of Robbie Mitchell and silence when Geoff talks.


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