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By on 11 Oct 2022

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During the community elections held at APNIC 54, anomalies were observed in the conference registration list and in patterns of online participation. After consultation with the Election Chair, Ms Anju Mangal, the APNIC EC decided to defer the announcement of the election results until an analysis could confirm that they were not affected by the anomalies observed.

The report from that analysis has been presented to the Election Chair, and is now available.  The summary findings were:

  • No anomalies were found in election processes or voting that would impact the results of the APNIC 54 elections.  The election results as originally received from the election system are therefore considered to be valid.
  • APNIC 54 registration and attendance data indicates significant potential for manipulation of the existing rules and procedures in future elections.

The results of the APNIC 54 elections for one position on the NRO NC (ASO AC) and for four Co-Chair positions, for the Policy, NIR, Cooperation and Routing Security SIGs, are now available.

The APNIC EC and SIG Chairs are now considering the results of the analysis and any response to its findings.

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