Online voting for the NRO NC election 2023 opens today

By on 31 Aug 2023

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Online voting for the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) election opens today, Thursday, 31 August 2023.

Election process

The entire election is being conducted electronically on the Big Pulse platform. No ballot papers will be used. 

To vote, log in to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication and click the ‘Vote Now’ link on the dashboard. This will give you access to the BigPulse voting interface. 

Voting eligibility

Online voting is available to both APNIC Members and APNIC 56 conference attendees who meet the voting eligibility criteria.

APNIC Member voting

Voting for APNIC Members opens today and closes at 14:30 (UTC +9) on Thursday, 14 September 2023.

By default, APNIC Corporate Contacts and contacts with voting rights can vote on behalf of their Member organization in the NRO NC election. Each Member is entitled to one vote in this election.

Conference attendee voting

Individuals wishing to vote as conference attendees must fulfil the following criteria before voting at the conference:

  1. Registered for APNIC 56 by 10:00 (UTC +9) on Thursday, 14 September 2023, AND
  2. Registered and attended at least one of the eight previous APRICOT or APNIC standalone conferences (not including the current conference): APNIC 48 to 55. 

Online voting for eligible registered attendees opens on Thursday, 14 September 2023 at 09:30 (UTC +9) and closes at 14:30 (UTC +9) on Thursday, 14 September 2023. Verification of an individual’s entitlement to vote against official records will be used where necessary.

More information

Visit the APNIC 56 website for full details of the election, including candidate profiles.

Please contact the APNIC Helpdesk if you need any help or have any questions about voting eligibility.

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