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By on 30 Dec 2020

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Part of the ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting the most popular posts from the past 12 months.

As more automation software enters the market, network operators and cybersecurity specialists are seeing changes occur in their roles. In some cases, this has required new skillsets.

Below are the top three posts related to automation in 2020.

  1. Understanding the landscape around network automation — What’s the difference between automation and abstraction? Understanding this is just the first step in getting a handle on automation.
  2. The promises and perils of machine learning for cybersecurity — What features do you need in a machine learning cybersecurity system? Answering that question requires some expertise.
  3. Can networks run themselves? Imagining networking 3.0 — How is Google changing the role of network engineers? How far have they come?

Are you planning to automate any parts of your network? Share your thoughts below.

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