Event Wrap: 33rd TWNIC IP OPM and TWNOG 4.0

By on 21 Jan 2020

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George Kuo giving the APNIC policy update at the TWNIC IP OPM.

APNIC participated at the 33rd TWNIC IP OPM and TWNOG 4.0 meetings from 5 to 6 December 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. TWNIC holds these regular meetings to discuss policies and developments relevant to the local Internet operator community.

APNIC activities

At the OPM:

  • APNIC Executive Council (EC) member and CEO of TWNIC, Kenny Huang, welcomed the participants to the OPM.
  • APNIC EC Chair Gaurab Raj Upadhaya and Paul Wilson gave the opening remarks.
  • Paul gave a keynote presentation on the future of IP address registries and Internet governance.
  • Craig Ng gave a presentation on legal cooperation to overcome jurisdictional and territorial limits in cybercrime investigations.
  • At the Cybersecurity SIG, Adli Wahid shared practical advice in his presentation on Practical Incident Response & Threat Intelligence.
  • At the Policy SIG: Policy and Regulation, George Kuo presented an update on the APNIC Policy Development Process and current policy proposal implementations.
  • George met with TWNIC representatives on topics including registry consistency, future ASN delegations, and RPKI and RDAP roadmaps.
  • The APNIC EC held their fourth scheduled meeting of the year.


  • Adli gave an update on the APNIC community honeynet project.
  • APNIC provided sponsorship for the event.
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