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By on 14 Mar 2018

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IPv6 is now widely available, and it seems that preparedness to use IPv6 services is much increased over the last five years.

But by how much?  And what is the state of preparedness to use/supply IPv6 today?  These are important questions to which we do not know the answers.

In order to increase our understanding of where we are, and what more could (or should) be done, we ask you to participate in the Global IPv6 Deployment survey.  The goal of the survey is to get an overview of IPv6 deployment across the world, and to assess how this is seen from the perspective of ISPs and enterprise users.

The 2018 survey is a follow up to similar surveys run between 2010 and 2013, and will serve as a comparison with the data acquired back then. Results of the previous surveys can be found on the NRO website.

Responses to the 2018 Global IPv6 Deployment Survey can be submitted until 31 March 2018.

We will then collect the data with the aim of presenting the preliminary results during the upcoming RIPE 76 meeting in Marseille. Please participate in the 2018 survey today!

Maarten Botterman is Director of GNKS Consult and an ICANN Board Director.

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