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By on 23 Dec 2015

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Part of our ‘Three of the best’ series, highlighting our most popular posts from 2015 on themes important to our community.

For many Asia Pacific Internet users, the mobile Internet is their only, or primary, means of accessing the Internet. An increase in penetration, coupled with users’ love affair for generating and sharing multimedia content, is predicted to increase Internet traffic in the region by 72% over the next four years, and by 2019, the Asia Pacific will generate the greatest mobile Internet traffic globally.

Here are three of the most popular posts on the rise of the mobile Internet this year:

  1. The mobile Internet – Geoff Huston reports how the Mobile World Congress is as big an event for the Internet as it is for telephone companies, given the rise of mobile Internet connectivity.
  2. The mobile Internet: Home of IPv6 – the measurements from APNIC Labs coupled with user and cellular network operators’ actions reported by the Internet Society show that IPv6 has found its home on the mobile internet, and the world is enjoying the benefits of end-to-end connectivity.
  3. Pacific growth of mobile and Internet sectors – an impressive growth of mobile phones and the Internet in the region, despite a number of challenges, is providing an increasingly positive economic impact.

What challenges and opportunities do you forecast for the mobile Internet in 2016? Leave your comments below.

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