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By on 8 Sep 2015

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Security is an important issue for many Members, which is why we have organized a number of thought provoking security talks today at APNIC40 in Jakarta.

If you are not in Jakarta today, like myself,  you can still follow the session live on YouTube – find videos in link pages below.

Day 1

  1. Opening Ceremony / KeynoteBarry Greene – Rethinking Security and how you can Act on Meaningful Change
  2. APOPS1Yuji Sekiya (University of Tokyo) – MATATABI : Cyber Threat Analysis and Defense Platform using Huge Amount of Datasets
  3. APOPS2
  4. Lightning Talks

Day 2

  1. IRR Tutorial and RPKI DemoNurul Islam (APNIC)
  2. DNSSEC TutorialChampika Wijayatunga (ICANN)
  3. Security Session (1600-1730)

APNIC 40 Security Workshop

11951464_10207629839132499_5895279234744452101_oI must also tell you that my APNIC colleague Shane, Champ (ICANN) and I had a lot of fun teaching the 5-day Network Security Workshop which finished yesterday.


Be sure to follow APCERT conference

Also this time around our colleagues from APCERT are not able to join us because they will be busy with their conference and AGM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I will be joining them later this week and take part in an APNIC-APCERT MoU exchange ceremony. More on this in my next post of course!

Till then, help spread the word to your friends and enjoy APNIC40.

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