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By on 20 Apr 2015

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I have been given the chance to express my thoughts to you, after being elected as an EC member of APNIC at APNIC 39 conference. I would say it’s my honour and I thank you for your trust and support.

I’m a newcomer to the APNIC Executive Council (EC), but I’m an old-hand within APNIC community since 2004. When writing this blog, I recall the moment when I first took part in an APNIC meeting in 2007. Lots of changes have happened in the past eight years.

The name of APNIC meeting has been changed from ‘OPM’ (Open Policy Meeting) to ‘Conference’. This reflects APNIC’s increased scope: no longer limited to IP distribution and policy discussion, APNIC is engaged more broadly and actively in Internet development in this region as a number registry. The core function of APNIC still concentrates on IP service. But the same time, the quality of the service and capability of technical support keep improving. Within the Asia Pacific region, we are more capable of analyzing and sharing IP distribution and routing data, as well as having our voice heard on social media, such as the APNIC Blog, etc. We are better connected with the Internet users.

In my opinion the APNIC community has some opportunities ahead of us:

  • APNIC is still important as an IP registry although IPv4 exhaustion happened in the Asia Pacific region in April 2011. Data shows APNIC membership has experienced strong growth since April 2011. This provides us a great chance to actively develop IPv6, RPKI and other future-oriented issues
  • The IANA stewardship transition could make RIRs, including APNIC, play a bigger role in resource management and community enhancement. The benefits and rights of APNIC Members can be better guaranteed
  • The rapid rise of cloud computing, Internet of Things and SDN technology with Internet provides APNIC more opportunities in IP service. Various cooperative opportunities are appearing

We know that opportunities and challenges coexist. An active, open attitude and adaptability are most important for us going forward.

As an EC member, I will continuously enhance connections with Chinese community members, working as a bridge between China and its partners in the Asia Pacific region. I want to see increased exchange and cooperation regarding Internet information and the Internet governance. Personally, I am also going to focus on improving APNIC’s strategic planning to better serve APNIC Members, support Internet development in the Asia Pacific region and collaborate with global organizations. Since that’s where the value of an Internet Registry lies.

Jessica Shen is the Director of IP Operations at CNNIC and was voted onto the APNIC EC in March 2015.

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