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By on 13 Jan 2015

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Would you like to have one of APNIC’s experienced Trainers deliver training to you, your employees and others in your Internet community?

APNIC training exposes network operators and engineers to the latest best practices and Internet technology required to successfully build the Internet. Our Trainers deliver three-day face-to-face workshops on topics such as DNS, IPv6, Routing and Network Security. Workshops include hands-on exercises in the Virtual Training Lab for real-world experience. Half and full-day tutorials can be added to the workshop to further develop your learning. Explore the courses available and the associated fee structure by visiting the APNIC Training website.

APNIC Training partners benefit by helping to build the knowledge level of operators in the Asia Pacific region and having their products and services promoted to a targeted regional audience of over 4500 ISPs, content providers, domain registries, government regulators and so forth. If you’re interested in hosting a training event or supporting APNIC Training, please visit the Sponsor page on the website for full details on the levels of sponsorship available and the other benefits available to our local hosts, including free seats for you and your employees.

For more information or to request a training event email: training@apnic.net

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