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By on 28 Dec 2023

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This year in IPv6, we learned a lot about IPv6 extension headers, and how such a large addressing space allows us to reconsider how IP addresses can improve the Internet. We gained real-world insight into how various economies and organizations throughout the region are deploying and leveraging IPv6 and received plenty of practical IPv6 advice. Here are three of 2023’s best:

  1. IPv6 architecture and subnetting guide for network engineers and operatorsDaryll Swer shared his in-depth practical guide to implementing an IPv6 architecture and subnetting system.
  2. Telekom Malaysia’s IPv6 readiness journey — Muzamer Mohd Azalan showed how, for Telekom Malaysia, deploying IPv6 was a case of making the most of available resources.
  3. Enabling IPv6 support for IPv4-only apps on LinuxPavel Odintsov showed us how to easily enable IPv6 support for apps without it.

Notable mention: Mongolia’s Unitel Group leads IPv6 usage in Mongolia, aims higher — Munkhbat Gansukh shared Unitel Group’s IPv6 migration experience and highlighted the lessons learned and benefits gained from the implementation.

Continue exploring IPv6 on the APNIC Blog, the APNIC Academy, and the website.

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