Event Wrap: Afghanistan IGF 2023, AyIGF, AFSIG 2023 and AFNOG 1

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Paul Wilson giving the opening address at the Afghanistan IGF 2023.

APNIC and the APNIC Foundation supported and participated in the Afghanistan IGF 2023, held online with the Afghanistan Youth IGF (AyIGF), AFSIG 2023, and the inaugural Afghanistan Network Operators Group (AFNOG 1) on 6 December 2023.

The event welcomed 80 participants to discuss issues relating to Afghan Internet governance and policy issues, including the future of the Internet, IPv6, SDN, and much more.

APNIC activities

Afghanistan IGF 2023, AFSIG 2023 and AyIGF:

  • Paul Wilson gave a welcome address, noting the importance of Internet connectivity in Afghanistan and congratulating the organizers on the four events.
  • Adli Wahid presented on the importance of cybersecurity.
  • Omar Ansari and Terry Sweetser shared the training opportunities available through the APNIC Academy for young engineers in Afghanistan and the Asia Pacific.
  • Pablo Hinojosa introduced APNIC, the services it provides, and how to engage with APNIC.
  • Sylvia Cadena introduced the APNIC Foundation, the projects currently being funded, and future funding opportunities.
  • Che-Hoo Cheng gave an overview of APNIC’s role as a Regional Internet Registry.
  • Sanjaya presented on how the Internet works, including IP addressing and routing.
  • Omar gave the closing remarks in the final session of both AFSIG 2023 and the Afghanistan IGF 2023.


  • Dave Phelan presented on Software Defined Networks.
  • Sherafzal Yousifzai gave an update on the status of IPv6 deployment in Afghanistan.
  • Sunny Chendi gave an overview of the APNIC Policy Development Process and an update on current policy implementation.
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