Five policy proposals up for community discussion at APNIC 56

By on 25 Aug 2023

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The Open Policy Meeting at the APNIC 56 conference will be held on 14 September 2023. Here is a snapshot of the four new proposals and one ongoing policy proposal up for discussion.

prop-148: Leasing of Resources is not Acceptable

This proposal suggests explicitly stating in the policy document that leasing of addresses is not permitted in the APNIC region.

The existing APNIC policies are not explicit about this but leasing of addresses is unacceptable if it is not an integral part of a connectivity service. Specifically, the justification of need is not valid if the purpose of the addresses is not to directly connect customers of an ISP.

prop-152: Reduce the IPv4 delegation from /23 to /24

This proposal suggests continuing to delegate IPv4 addresses under the current policy, however, once the IPv4 address space in the current available pool is depleted, the maximum IPv4 delegation is reduced to a /24 and IPv4 will be delegated to new account holders only from ‘reserved’ space when it becomes available for delegation.

This proposal also suggests creating a waiting list for prospective requestors on a first-come, first-served basis once all available and reserved IPv4 address space is depleted.

According to this proposal, APNIC or NIR account holders who have already received IPv4 addresses will be ineligible for any further IPv4 delegation from APNIC or NIRs once the current available space is depleted.

prop-153: Proposed changes to PDP

This proposal suggests changes to Section 4, Step 1 of the Policy Development Process (PDP) to clarify the call for proposals, deadlines, and resubmission of proposals that have been returned to the authors for further discussion with the community.

prop-154: Resizing of IPv4 assignment for the IXPs

This proposal suggests changing the default size of IPv4 assignments for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) from a /23 to a /26, which can be replaced up to a maximum of a /22 if the IXP returns the IPv4 address space previously assigned to it.

prop-155: IPv6 PI assignment for Associate Members

This proposal suggests allowing Associate Members to apply for IPv6 Provider Independent resources with minimum justification criteria, as currently specified in Section 9.1.4 of APNIC guidelines for IPv6 allocation and assignment requests, without a previously delegated IPv4 allocation, provided that the account holder will use these resources within the next 12 months.

Subsequent assignments will be evaluated based on the applicant’s demonstrated need and adherence to APNIC’s current IPv6 allocation policies.

This proposal recommends that the APNIC EC update APNIC Membership: Tiers and Voting Rights Section 2.2 with the proposed changes.

According to this proposal, IPv6 Provider Independent address assignment will be non-transferable.

Participate! Have your say

Good policy relies on a range of opinions from people in different parts of the community, so it is important to get involved. They are developed through an open, transparent, and bottom-up process of consultation and consensus.

Have your say about these policy proposals by subscribing to the Policy SIG mailing list on Orbit or participating in person or remotely during the APNIC 56 Policy SIG forum.

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