Voting open on EC proposals to update APNIC By-laws

By on 31 Aug 2023

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On 12 July, the APNIC Executive Council (EC) announced a consultation on a set of proposed changes to the APNIC By-laws, prior to a formal vote to be conducted at APNIC 56. 

The proposals were developed in response to the community input received around APNIC 55, asking APNIC to enhance the eligibility criteria for EC nominees and to mitigate vulnerabilities in the EC election process.

On behalf of the EC, I thank everyone in the community who participated in the consultation sessions and provided feedback on the proposed reforms.

The EC has now considered the feedback received and the proposals have been updated accordingly. The final proposals are now published and available for you to read. The EC believes these reforms will resolve the issues raised by Members, but may be followed by further improvements in future.

Voting is now open on these proposals.  On behalf of the EC, I encourage all Members to vote in favour of the resolutions, to strengthen the eligibility criteria for EC nominees and protect the integrity of APNIC elections.

For information on how to vote, key dates, proxy voting information and more, you can visit

Thanks again for participating in this important process.

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