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By on 15 Mar 2023

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Minh Lay presents the KHNOG report at APRICOT 2023.

The NOG Reports meeting at APRICOT 2023 / APNIC 55 had 19 Network Operator Groups (NOGs) from the APNIC region and one from Romania, bridging into the region from Europe, sharing their recent updates and showcasing NOG activities together. It was also a great social experience.

NOGs are a great way to maintain professional linkages between ISPs and locally significant networks. They help coordinate routing in the region, ‘keep traffic local’ and ensure that any opportunity for peering is there to be taken. NOGs are a vital, vibrant part of the community cohesion that makes the Asia Pacific Internet work at scale.

APNIC has a continuing commitment to supporting local NOG activity with frequent participation including reports from meetings (like this one!) and summaries of research observations of worldwide trends in address usage and policy. And, of course, training opportunities. Senior Engineer for Internet Initiative Japan Inc’s Yoshinobu ‘Maz’ Matsuzaki co-chaired the session with PhNOG Chair Achie Atienza.

NOGs are an important feature of the Internet operations community. Wherever they’re found, they benefit from being held in the local language and can help bridge the language barrier for an emerging Internet community.

At the APRICOT 2023 / APNIC 55 NOG Reports, several new NOGs were represented. It’s a vibrant space always with a call for more NOG participation. Importantly, there is no minimum size for a group of network operators to come together and share experiences. All the reports found on the session page discuss their own meeting cycles and upcoming events and are worth reading to understand the region’s networks and key participants.

See the PhNOG Report from APRICOT 2023 below:

At most NOG Reports, as well as new NOGs, there are new faces. Ingrained in all NOGs is an understanding of the importance of renewal and new participation; they bring new and diverse engineers and can help springboard participants into leadership roles.

Watch the APRICOT 2023 NOG Reports session now:

Who knows? Maybe presenting at a NOG meeting is in your future? Explore NOGs in the Asia Pacific region.

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