Panel discusses satellite broadband in the Asia Pacific region at APRICOT 2023

By on 1 Mar 2023

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Geoff Huston moderated the APNIC Panel on satellite broadband.

At the APRICOT 2023 / APNIC 55 conference being held in Manila, Philippines, a panel session discussed satellite broadband and the coming revolution in the delivery of high-speed reliable Internet. Four industry experts shared their take on things, with APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Huston moderating the session.

There was an excellent overview of the range of concerns and outcomes moving from a more traditional Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) satellite service into the new world of low-latency high-bandwidth Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services.

Geoff reached back into the birth of space rocketry in his opening remarks, which canvas the complexities of landlocked inter-continental telecommunications and the potential for the revitalization of satellites, a somewhat overlooked niche (due to the delay issues) until the rise of the cheap launch systems and high bandwidth small size ‘disposable’ satellite constellation.

There’s a wealth of information in the presentation slides:

Watch the APNIC Panel on satellite broadband in the Asia Pacific region: Technology and policy now:

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