[Podcast] What’s happening with growth in BGP?

By on 16 Feb 2023

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In this episode of PING, Geoff Huston from APNIC Labs discusses the current situation in BGP across IPv4 and IPv6.

Historically, the ‘running out of memory’ problem in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) — caused by the underlying rate of growth in announced prefixes — has been met with incremental upgrades. However, it’s now evident that simply adding more memory may not be the answer, and the dynamics of BGP growth appear to have changed.

In the latest episode of PING, Geoff explores the changing surface of the BGP default-free zone, and what that means for routing technology and service providers.

Read more about APNIC Labs’ analysis of BGP on the APNIC Blog:

Also, see Geoff’s Growth of the BGP Table, 1994 to Present.

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