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By on 20 Dec 2022

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APNIC supported and participated in the IDNIC AMM 2022, from 22 to 24 November in Banten, Indonesia, with the theme of ‘Internet Resilience’.

There were 441 attendees during the event, which included the Annual Member Meeting, conference, and workshops on the topics of DNS, IPv6, and Internet Security.

APNIC activities:

  • Karla Skarda delivered the keynote speech on the importance of RPKI in securing global routing, and why building a culture of resilience is vital for a robust Internet.
  • Adli Wahid, supported by Wita Laksono, conducted a two-day security workshop on ‘Practical Packet Analysis and Memory Forensics’. The workshop was attended by 80 people online and in person.
  • Adli was also a panellist in the Internet Resilience discussion at the conference.
  • Additionally, Adli Wahid delivered a ‘Case Studies in Incident Response’ presentation to the Swiss German University (Indonesia) Masters in Cyber Security students — a separate event held in Jakarta.
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