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By on 22 Mar 2022

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As revealed at APRICOT 2022, APNIC’s Registry team will work on an APNIC Registry API in 2022. This API will support the retrieval of delegation information, as well as the management of whois records, reverse DNS records, Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs), and routes.

By using this API, MyAPNIC users will be able to automate repetitive processes and integrate more effectively with IP address management (IPAM) products, among other things.

A draft OpenAPI specification for this work is available for review.

There is also a public testbed that can be used to evaluate the API’s interface. The testbed is open to anyone who is interested, and there’s no need to be associated with an existing APNIC account. If you would like access to the testbed, please contact software@apnic.net and we will organize a testbed account for you.

We appreciate any feedback on the specification or testbed. Send private feedback to software@apnic.net, or public feedback via the APNIC Services mailing list.

Tom Harrison discusses and gives a live demo of the Registry API:

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