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By on 29 Oct 2021

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Over the past seven years, the APNIC Blog’s readership has grown dramatically – thank you! – and it has become a go-to place for the Internet community to explore, discuss and share topics relevant to network operations and the Internet.

However, sometimes it’s hard to tell the whole story in a blog post. And with busy schedules, it can be easier to listen to a story on the move rather than read it.

We’re excited to announce today that APNIC has launched PING, a new podcast for people who want to look behind the scenes into the workings of the Internet.

New episodes will be released fortnightly and feature many of your favourite APNIC Blog authors and others who’ve built and are improving the health of the Internet. And who better to kick off the show than APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, who will be expanding on his recent post about Facebook’s October outage.

Be sure to tune in over the coming weeks to hear from:

  • Jason Livingood on how Comcast is reducing working latency using Active Queue Management
  • Ignacio Castro on 50 years of standardisation in the Internet
  • Romain Fontugne on the importance of measuring the Internet

Episodes will run for 30-40 minutes, so you can listen to them on your lunch breaks or commuting to the office (or home office). You can stream and subscribe to PING via the following channels:

We plan to expand availability to other apps in the future.

Share your story

If you’re interested in sharing your insights or research, please get in touch – we’re always on the lookout for great stories from the community. And please do let us know what you think of the show as well as the APNIC Blog so we can keep improving.

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  1. Shreedeep Rayamajhi

    What a great initiative ?

    Very very interesting and hope it will break the barrier of old and young difference and create a space of outreach and awareness for all.

    Infact very very innovative and time needed.


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