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By on 10 May 2021

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Online fellows in Zoom call

This year, APNIC is piloting an Online Fellowship program to help Fellows from developing economies in the region to build their skills and actively participate in the APNIC community.

As part of the program, APNIC is matching 30 Fellows with subject matter experts from the community for a Zoom call to network and share their experience and advice.

APNIC is seeking Expressions of Interest from experienced members of the community to participate in those mentor calls.

Mentors — what APNIC is looking for

  • Community members who have knowledge and experience working in the field and are open to helping others
  • Experience in management or technical operations (any size organization)
  • Specific experience in technical Internet operations   

What’s requested of you

  • Participate in an informal 45-min – 1-hour Zoom call at a time convenient for both parties between 23 Aug – 3 Sept

The Fellows are particularly excited about this component of the program. The program is highly selective and the Fellows are motivated!

To show APNIC’s gratitude, mentors will receive a USD 50 virtual gift card for their contribution.

Interested in submitting an Expression of Interest?

Simply email fellowship [at] with a short statement about why you’d be a good mentor and a link to your LinkedIn profile. The fellowship team will then be in touch.

You can learn more about the Online Fellowship program over at the APNIC 52 website.

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