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By on 4 Mar 2021

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APNIC is offering a limited number of Online Fellowships to participate in an online, structured fellowship program that will run over five months, and to participate at the APNIC 52 conference.

Fellows will also be matched with a community mentor for an exclusive one-on-one mentoring session.

Fellowship package

Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • A customized program of Fellows-only presentations from key experts with the opportunity for Q&As
  • Introduction to a community mentor in their area of interest
  • Support to complete a number of APNIC Academy courses
  • Daily briefings before APNIC 52
  • Certification of achievement (upon successful completion of fellowship)
  • Expenses scholarship of USD 150
  • T-shirt

Applicants should note there is an estimated 8 to 12 hours of commitment required between April and August.

Areas of interest

Successful fellows will select a specific area of interest to focus their online fellowship program, as well as getting a holistic overview of APNIC and Internet governance before participating in the APNIC 52 conference.

  • IPv6 Deployment
  • Internet Routing/RPKI
  • Information/Network Security

The level of experience in the chosen area of interest can be from beginner to advanced.

Applications close on Friday, 26 March and successful fellows will be announced on Monday, 12 April.

You can find more information on the APNIC 52 website .

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    Dear Concern,

    I am highly interested to join this prestigious fellowship. However, I couldn’t submit my application due to a system problem. Please take initiative to submit my application. Thank you.

    Umme Hany
    MSc in Internetworking(Fall2021)
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Canada


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