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By on 16 Feb 2021

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APNIC is pleased to announce the release of the APNIC Help Centre.

The Help Centre collects a range of FAQs and help information into a single section of the site that is easily searchable.

Over time it will be developed into a fully-fledged knowledge base to help the APNIC community easily find helpful information related to managing Internet number resources, and answer questions around the products and services APNIC offers.

The Help Centre is part of APNIC’s ongoing efforts to make online information for the community as easy to find as possible, based on feedback received in the two most recent APNIC Surveys. We hope that this helps answer common queries faster so the Helpdesk team can continue improving service to APNIC Members and the community by being able to focus on complex support issues.

Of course, if you can’t find what you need and need further support, you can easily contact APNIC staff for assistance – we’re happy to help.

So, visit the Help Centre and let us know what you think!

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