Security Round Up (April-June 2020)

By on 28 Aug 2020

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An image of the Solomon Islands Government Data Centre team
Security analysts from the Solomon Islands Government Data Centre team during a recent engagement.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc with face-to-face engagement, the Internet operations security community has moved several events online.

In the past, some more niche events would have been too difficult for members of the APNIC security team to attend in person, such as the ReversingLabs2020 event. With these events online, they have become much easier to attend.

The online environment imposed by travel lockdowns has also helped boost ad-hoc outreach activities, handled in conjunction with community partners. A good example of this includes a security discussion with Cambodia CERT. The topic of this discussion was more open-ended than a typical presentation. It touched on the role of CERTs/CSIRTs and international cooperation, dealing with malware and breaches, securing devices at home and remote workers. There were also several enquiries about how to get into cybersecurity.

Virtual training for Solomon Islands, Malaysia (MYREN), Pakistan and the PacSON (Pacific Island) community were planned in 2019 so it was great that we got the support from everyone to move the events online. Some tweaking was required, however, especially for the hands-on exercise.

Overall, the virtual activities attended by the APNIC security team are also really great for sharing with the community what we offer in terms of training activities, the APNIC Academy and online events such as Networking from Home and the APNIC 50 conference.

From April to June this year, APNIC staff participated in the following events, sharing information on topics such as the security of IoT, RPKI, security attack mitigation, and CERT capacity building.

  • Cambodia CERT Security Talk
    • Adli Wahid spoke on the security of IoT.
  • ISOC-APNIC Tech Talk on RPKI 101
    • George Michaelson spoke on Resource Public Key Infrastructure.
  • Physical Information Security Webinar
    • Jamie Gillespie delivered this one-hour webinar through the APNIC Academy.
  • First Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit (CTI)
    • This is a series of online webinars. Adli moderated the first webinar, and moderated the first two sessions on building an intelligence-driven organization and intelligence collaboration using STIX and Elasticsearch.
  • Suricata IDS Tutorial with MYREN Community
    • Adli delivered a virtual tutorial on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Network Security Monitoring with Suricata for the MYREN community.
  • Infosec Jupyterthon 2020
    • Adli observed this event, which was held for the Infosec community.
  • Panel Discussion on CERT/CSIRT
    • Adli spoke on CERTs at this event, which was organized by the Indonesian security community.
  • Security Analysis Tutorial for Solomon Island Government Data Centre Team
    • Adli delivered a series of tutorials (virtual) on Elastic Stack for security analysts from the Solomon Islands Government Data Centre team.
  • PITA Technical & Business Forum
    • Jamie delivered a presentation on Cybersecurity Outside the Office for the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association
  • Suricata IDS / NSM Developer Webinar
    • Adli participated in the two-hour webinar on Suricata developers discussing the work and future plans.
  • EU ATT&CK Community Workshop
    • Adli observed this event, which focused on the ATT&CK Framework and SIGMA.
  • PacSON 2020 Virtual Session
    • Adli observed the event, which discussed the Suricata IDS system.
  • Cyber Safety Basics
    • Jamie delivered a series of live webinars to Australian grade 3 students on the topics of Cyber-bullying, Privacy, and Posting Online.
  • ReversingLabs2020
    • Adli observed the event, which discussed cyber defence and prevention strategies, including tools.
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