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By on 21 Feb 2020

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Every four years, the APNIC Executive Council (EC) and Secretariat work together to develop a new strategic direction to guide APNIC’s activities.

Informed through feedback from Members and the community, the four year strategy plan sets out the future that APNIC wishes to see, the objectives and priorities that need to be achieved to help reach that future state, and the guiding principles underpinning APNIC’s efforts.

As 2019 was the final year of the previous strategic direction (2016-2019), it was time to develop the new one.

Over several months in 2019, the APNIC EC, executive team and all Secretariat staff contributed to the development of the new strategy, which is now available as the APNIC Strategic Plan (2020-2023).

The strategy document becomes the guide for APNIC’s annual Activity Plans, and the activities each year align to the overall strategy.

In creating the new four year strategy, the existing outcome areas of Serving Members, Regional Development, Global Cooperation and Corporate have been replaced with five “strategic pillars” – Membership, Registry, Development, Information and Capability.  This means some ongoing activities will move into a new pillar, and be reported under these groupings over the next four years.

I encourage you to take the time to look at the strategic plan and please share any thoughts you have.

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