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By on 1 Jul 2024

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Paul on the APNIC 30th Anniversary Panel at APNIC 56.

On 30 June 2024, Paul Wilson officially finished his tenure as the Director General (DG) of APNIC. Paul formally advised the Executive Council (EC) of his intentions in November 2023 and announced his resignation at APNIC’s Annual General Meeting at APNIC 57 in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2024.

Kenny Huang, APNIC EC Chair
Kenny Huang, APNIC EC Chair

The EC began a global recruitment process for a new Director General immediately, partnering with a leading executive recruitment firm to find a Director General who shares APNIC’s vision and values.

APNIC’s next DG will be introduced to the APNIC membership, community, and staff in the following months.

APNIC’s Executive Leadership Team and EC are working closely to ensure a successful transition and to maintain business as usual for our community until such time as the incoming DG can commence in the role. Paul will be available to support this important handover to his successor as APNIC DG.

On behalf of the EC, I thank Paul for his 25 years of dedication to APNIC, its Members, the EC, and Secretariat, and the broader Internet community. He has significantly contributed to APNIC’s vision of an open, global, stable, and secure Internet. His commitment to Internet development in the Asia Pacific region leaves a lasting legacy.

We will celebrate Paul’s contributions and wish him the best in his future endeavours at APRICOT 2025 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in February next year. I hope you can join us there.

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  1. Jahangir Hossain

    Congratulations Paul Wilson on the remarkable journey and contribution to APNIC’s vision and the broader Internet community and Internet governance ecosystems.

  2. Andrew Molivurae

    Congratulations Paul for a great leadership journey in bringing APNIC to where it is today and for your vision and support to the Internet Governance community in the AP region. Best wishes

  3. Suchit Nanda

    Congratulations dear Paul on completing an incredible 25-year long momentous journey as the Director General of #APNIC!

    Your unwavering dedication to the APNIC community, members, and the broader Internet community has left an indelible and long lasting mark. Throughout your tenure, you’ve been instrumental in advancing the vision of an open, global, stable, and secure Internet and done all that was possible in your capacity with your kind demeanor and unwavering dedication.

    As you step away from your role as DG at APNIC after so many years, we’re grateful for your immense contributions and your legacy which will continue to inspire us all. We wish you the best for the future.

  4. Jahangir Hossain

    Your contributions to Asia Pacific and the border internet community are always inspiring and remarkable. Always best wishes for your endeavor!


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