APNIC EC Election 2024: Value your vote

By on 15 Feb 2024

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Three positions on the APNIC Executive Council (EC) will be open for election at APNIC 57 on 1 March 2024.

As a member-driven organization, APNIC Members have the privilege and responsibility for voting for the board that oversees APNIC, the Executive Council (EC).

The role of the EC is to ensure the efficient management of the activities, functions, and affairs of APNIC on behalf of the Members. This includes defining the strategic direction of APNIC and approving APNIC’s budget. The EC is required to act in good faith and in the best interests of APNIC and the membership.

The EC Members are also appointed as the company directors of APNIC Pty Ltd as well as the members and company directors of APNIC EC Limited, which holds the sole share in APNIC Pty Ltd on trust.

Read more about the APNIC EC

Voting is an important right of all APNIC Members. Please be sure to vote.

Who can vote?

Only organizations with a current APNIC Member account are eligible to vote in EC elections.

Voting entitlements are only available to individuals who are Corporate Contacts or authorized contacts with voting rights given by the Corporate Contact.

If you’re not the Corporate Contact, talk to the person who is the Corporate Contact in your organization to make sure they are aware of the election and voting deadlines. If you don’t know the Corporate Contact in your organization (but you’re a listed Account Contact), you can find out in MyAPNIC under the Member Account Settings menu.

Who can I vote for?

Value your vote. Do some research to make an informed choice.

Check out the nominees for the election. Consider their background, nominee statement and their history in the APNIC community.

Talk to your colleagues in the community. They may have experience with any candidates that you may not already know yourself.

All nominees are bound to the nominee’s Code of Conduct. The Electoral Committee is responsible for determining the eligibility of nominees and their compliance with the Code of Conduct.

View the Code of Conduct for the 2024 EC election

How do I vote?

Member online voting for the 2024 EC election opens on Friday, 16 February 2024 at 14:00 (UTC +10) and closes on Friday, 01 March 2024 at 14:30 (UTC +7).

You can vote in three simple steps:

  • Login to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication and click the ‘Vote Now’ link on the dashboard, to access the BigPulse voting interface
  • Use the online ballot form to select the chosen candidates, and click the ‘Next’ button to complete the selection
  • On the confirmation page, click the ‘Submit’ button to confirm the ballot submission, or ‘Back’ to make any changes.

Voting is available 24 hours, 7 days a week during the voting period.

More information about voting processes

Voting is a serious business

APNIC takes the voting process seriously and is committed to supporting a fair and open election process.

  • Nominations and voting are governed by transparent and robust procedures in accordance with the APNIC By-laws.
  • Voting is managed by the independent BigPulse voting system, not APNIC systems.
  • The BigPulse system does not allow APNIC staff to see who you voted for and summary results are only made available to election officials once the election is closed.
  • The elections are overseen by independent officials — including an Election Chair, the Electoral Committee, and election scrutineers — who are all drawn from the community.

If you have any questions on voting or the EC elections, please contact the APNIC Helpdesk.

Exercise your right for the good of the membership and the community. Value your vote! Make sure to vote in the upcoming EC election.

Value your vote.
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